This is the full involvement of Chinese football in the European football season, Milan dad has been China's capital to take over, the final Montella AC Milan won the European Cup tickets, the Red Army after a lapse of 3 years to return to the war in Europe. Five league Chinese team record is the best of Nice, the first season leading the French, and ultimately get the French 3, reached the Champions League qualifier next season Josh Anderson Jersey, after 57 years to return to the Champions League stage. Chinese-funded Prague Slavia, won the Czech League champions, also among the next season Champions League third qualifying round. In addition, the Spaniards and the West Brom two teams, also stable in the middle of the Spanish Premier League, Xu Genao under the Lorca has been promoted to West B, only the poor situation in Granada, invited Arsenal celebrities Adams did not avoid La Liga downgrade. Pepe and Real Madrid contract expired on June 30, after the 33-year-old Pepe many times sincerely said David Savard Jersey, will wait for Real Madrid new contract until the last moment Alexander Wennberg Jersey, but Pepe want to stay in the Bernabeu's wish eventually lost The In an interview with Coppet, Pepe first explained his reason to leave the team: "From January I decided to leave Gregory Campbell Jersey, when the renewal progress is not smooth, Real Madrid did not give me a new contract for 2 years, they only give me 1 year of the contract. This is the provisions of Real Madrid, although it has been negotiating, but this is wrong. Obviously, I will not stay in Real Madrid, from now on, I will open a new chapter in his career.