The summer of 2016, Berger to 89.3 million pounds record high profile return to the old Trafford stadium, the transfer of the transaction so that Manchester United boarded the entire international football cusp Artem Anisimov Jersey. In the past year, Bogba always appeared in the Manchester United club promotion activities, he even in this year harvest their own social network in the exclusive expression. Of course, if Bogba can be in the exclusive expression before and after the famous northwest Derby in the performance of some of the better, no doubt even more perfect: is Manchester United in Old Trafford and Liverpool battle with a 1-1 level Borgba gave the opponent a penalty kick. Pepe is likely to leave La Liga Ryan Craig Jersey, the Portuguese in La Liga left the butcher's nickname, fame is the year when the Hefei Fei rough rival, talked about the game, "monk" said: Is at all costs to defend Real Madrid, otherwise the other will score to win, the guard is a very complex position, I must be very strong to protect my team, what happened in Getafe is indeed ugly. ?2017 European Super Cup, will be in Real Madrid, Manchester United between the two traditional European giants, this situation against the situation, is undoubtedly UEFA's dream for many years James Wisniewski Jersey. By then, C Luo and former mentor Mourinho reunion, Deheya may also face the impact of Bell ... ... these are undoubtedly the field of the European Super Cup important Aspect Lukas Sedlak Jersey.